Top 4 Do’s (and 1 Don’t) for Writing Awesomely Effective Emails

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As a project manager for large websites and software development, I’ve sent a lot of emails over the course of my career. Like, A LOT. I’ve learned that an email can either serve as an excellent communication tool or resource, or it can cause profound confusion for a project team. Read More ›

SXSW Interactive ’14: A Pilgrim’s Progress

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As the wild and wooly beast known as SXSW Interactive scratches its seven year itch, armed with a handful of SXSW experiences under our belts, TBG shares our observations of this living breathing, ever morphing bedazzled and at times bedeviling extravaganza.
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How Responsive Web Design is Pressurizing CMS Best Practices

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The runaway freight train that is Responsive Web Design has many obvious benefits for users—but for web developers and clients, there are a slew of other secondary effects that are both positive and destabilizing.
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I Just Found Out I’m A Corporate Sell-Out

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Recently I sat on a panel at the Windup Space, addressing students on the subject of “Finding Your Career Path in the Arts.” It’s impressive that these young folks, nearing graduation in all sorts of disciplines — illustration, dance, film, writing — are thinking so diligently about a 5-year, 10-year, even life-long plan. Read More ›

Your Site is Washington. Your Users Are in a House of Cards

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What if, rather than imagine them as real people, we tried to imagine our site users as characters on a TV show?  We have found that certain TV shows contain user personas instructive to—or at the least entertaining us during—our work as information architects. If a TV show is a website, then its characters are the site’s users. Read More ›

Takeaways from TEDx Baltimore: Spreading Ideas

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Many are familiar with TED talks, a global initiative aimed at inspiring ideas and change. Since its inception in 1984, TED talks have grown to reach one billion viewers, live and online, and have included talks from leaders like Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Bill Gates, to major influencers like Bono and Malcolm Gladwell, to scientists such as Jane Goodall and Nobel Prize winners. Read More ›

Takeaways from Breaking Development Conference

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This past October, I was fortunate enough to attend the Breaking Development conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Breaking Development focuses on emerging techniques for doing web development and design for the wide array of devices people use today.

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Boundaries of The Blog: Where does casual, socially, serialized content begin and end?

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Which is the hair whose loss makes the man bald?* How many features have to go away before a blog is not a blog? Yes, my friends, you are here… reading a blog, even as the very same blog at hand is questioning its own “blogginess.” This blog is full of quicksand. Read More ›

How To Make Your Sitecore Data Templates Look Like Folders

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One of Sitecore’s many virtues are its configurable UI. Some of these configurations are just minor improvements, but doing these goes a long way to creating a pleasant content management experience for users. Read More ›

When Slow Loads For Some Users Make For Slow Loads For All Users

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Every once in a while, a server performance situation comes along that can still surprise me. I just recently ran into one of these. Read More ›